Institute activities

In line with the Decree on the Introduction and Use of the Standard Classification System and the Corporate Charter, the Institute performs the following activities which enable the implementation of its mission, vision, values and strategic objectives:

58.110 Book publishing

58.130 Newspaper publishing

58.140 Publishing of magazines and other periodical publications

58.190 Other publishing

63.110 Data processing and related activities

63.990 Other information activities

70.220 Other corporate and business counselling

71.129 Other engineering design and counselling

71.200 Engineering testing and analysis

72.110 Biotechnology research and development

72.190 Research and development in other fields of natural science and technology

72.200 Research and development in the fields of social sciences and humanities

73.200 Market research and public opinion polling

74.900 Other non-classified professional and technical activities

82.300 Organisation of exhibitions, fairs, meetings

85.590 Other non-classified education and training

85.600 Auxiliary education activities

94.120 Activities of associations of experts

96.090 Other non-classified service activities

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