International conference entitled »Information Security - Today and Tomorrow«

International conference entitled “Information Security - Today nad Tomorrow” with specific theme "Change in approach to managing information risks" is a thematic scientific and professional meeting of all those dealing with the problems of security risk management in the modern security environment.


Important deadlines:

  • Submission of abstracts: 15 August 2013
  • Confirmation of paper registration receipt: 20 August 2013
  • Submission of papers: 07 September 2013
  • Submission of final versions in case of peer review remarks: 15 September 2013
  • Final possibility to register for the conference: 13 October 2013
  • Actual scientific conference dates: 14 and 15 October 2013

Call for papers

You are kindly invited to attend the conference as an author and submit your paper to this year's conference "Days of corporative security". The deadline for the submission of paper proposals is 15 Avgust 2013. Submission should include only an abstract with main points of interests and results in accordance with the enclosed instructions.

Guidelines for abstract of papers


Each author can submit a maximum of one paper as an author and participate as co-author in another paper.
Submissions can include research as well as conceptual, review or application papers.
A student section will be organised separately, enabling students to present their graduation papers (diploma, specialisation or master papers).
Programme and Organising Committee will notify the contributors whether or not their paper had been selected and included in the programme. The deadline for submitting final versions of papers is 07 September 2013.

Authors are required to make a presentation of the submitted papers. Should the author wish to present the paper in form of a poster in the hall of the conference venue, this should be arranged with the organisers. Participation fee does not include accommodation.


Conference papers must not exceed 30,000 character (with spaces), i.e. 16 pages. A paper must be drafted in line with the enclosed instructions. Papers can be published in Slovenian or English language. Each paper must include the title and abstract in English. Slovene presenters are kindly asked to provide the title and abstract in both languages (Slovenian, and English). Reception of contributions will be confirmed to the authors immediately after submitting the paper into an anonymous peer review. Upon a completed anonymous peer review, the author will be notified of possible remarks by reviewers. Abstracts of received contributions in English and Slovenian will be published in a hard copy of conference digest, while full papers will be published in an electronic version of conference digest (CD).

Authors will be able to index the presented papers in the database under category 1.08 – published scientific conference contribution.

 Presenters will receive the conference digest with paper abstracts and a CD with full papers upon their registration for the conference.
Contributions will also be presented in the form of lectures. Should the participants wish so, they can present their paper also or only in the form of a poster in the hall of conference venue.

Conference programme will be available on the conference website, where other important information will also be published (

Guidelines for authors of conference papers


All correspondence regarding your contributions (proposals, final versions, questions) should be sent via e-mail or postal address to:

Denis Čaleta, PhD, Assist. Prof.
Institute for Corporative Security Studies, ICS Ljubljana
Robert Brumnik, PhD, Assist. Prof.
Institute for Corporative Security Studies, ICS Ljubljana
ICS Centre for Information Security
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