The research activities of the ICS Ljubljana comprise research ranging from fundamental interdisciplinary related social sciences, technical and natural science research to the applicative and empiric researches directly intended for the users.

With its policy, the ICS Ljubljana follows the development of modern security threats and responses to them. It conducts research in current issues and follows corporative security trends at home and around the world.

The researches enter modern flows in individual areas and are carried out as interaction of analysing foreign and developing our own fundamental concepts within corporative security theory and practice. The subjects of research include studying of comprehensive responses in the prevention or reduction of security risks, emphasis being put on national and wider regional security environment and target entities operating within it. Applicative research comprises empiric data and use of research methodologies which contribute to a detailed insight into the running processes as well as to the formulation of objectives of changing interventions. They also contribute to an analysis of different quality factors in the provision of corporative security. According to the established classification, research can be defined as theoretical, fundamental, useful, comparative, historical, empiric, longitudinal, action, qualitative, quantitative, etc.

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